Q1.What are the advantages of using Actus Consulting Group for my career search or career change?

You will have access to a wealth of career listings and information that are unavailable in newspapers and general job posts. Not only will you find listings of position vacancies, but our services will help to clarify the often confusing details pertaining to specific industries and terms of employment. You will receive sound appraisal of both your market value as a professional and prospects for employment. Our consultants will provide you with information that will help you to prepare for interviews with respondents and prospective employers.

Q2.Are there fees associated with registration or career placement?

There are absolutely no fees required of career-seeking registrants.

Q3.Is it mandatory that I respond to companies requesting interviews?

You are not required to respond to requests in which you have no interest.

Q4.What if I feel uncomfortable with providing personal information during registration?

At no time do the representatives of Actus Consulting Group release your personal information to outside parties without your express written consent. You can rest in the assurance that we committed to the thorough protection of your right to privacy.

Q5.I am a prior registrant to your database, but I have commenced a new career search.
Am I still eligible to receive the benefits of your services?

Yes, you are still eligible. You have the option of once again registering at the Actus Consulting website or allowing our offices to handle your request over the phone.

Q6.What if I don't know how to compose a resume in English?

Our consultants are willing and able to advise you in the composition of an English-language resume. Please feel free to request this service!

Q7.I'm seeking temporary employment in which I would work only two or three days each week. Might there be positions available for me?

Actus Consulting handles a wide range of positions, from part-time employment to career-track executive-level.