Technical and Marketing Professional
Location:New York, NY
Visa Sponsor:No
Language:English: Native Level
Technical and Marketing Professional

Location: NYC
Salary:$75K~$85K / Year
Employment Type: Full Time / Exempt
Work Hours: Super Flex, 35 hours a week

Job Description (Responsibilities and Duties)
1. Technical
a. Create and manage laboratory projects
b. Manage technical writing. Includes:
i. Lab reports
ii. Technical articles
iii. Oral and poster presentations
iv. Online materials
v. Act as a liaison between Japan service
center and US team personnel
vi. Assist team and customer service with
technical materials requests
2. Customer support
a. Assist customers with technical questions, column(s) performance issues
b. Guide customers to the best product for their application

3. Marketing
a. Inform team on LC industry and product trends
b. Manage marketing materials by combining technical acumen with marketing skills
i. Magazine articles and ads
ii. Social media
iii. Conferences and expos
iv. Manage marketing materials
c. Manage conferences and expos
i. Shipping and booth logistics
ii. Booth materials
iii. Customer technical interaction
iv. Presentations
v. Invoices
d. Sales
i. Assist sales team by handling technical issues and questions directly with customers and distributors
ii. Assist sales team in reaching sales and revenue goals

Education & Experience
• Master of Science required (Ph.D. preferred) in Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Biology
• At least 2 years of experience in separation science, preferably in HPLC and/or LC-MS. Must have a broad but in-depth knowledge of liquid chromatography

• Knowledge, Skill & Abilities
• Must have good problem solving and reasoning skills
• Must have patience and the ability to speak above, at or below the manager’s level
• Must have excellent communication skills and be able to express quickly logical but understandable thoughts.
• Must understand WordPress, WooCommerce, HubSpot, Stripe (and/or related online payment systems)
• Should be able to work with the group as well as Accounting and Customer Service groups
• Should be able to communicate with management
• Should be assertive and pro-active but sociable and gracious in style and actions
• Can work from home or in the office as needed, may need to go to office and lab a few times per month
• Travel required
 domestic once per quarter
 international travel once per year for global meeting
• Driver license required for business travel

• Proficient in English. Spanish and Japanese are helpful