Accounting Supervisor - NYC
Location:New York, NY
Visa Sponsor:No
Language:English: Business Level, Japanese: Business Level

募集要項: 日本語ネイティブレベル、英語ビジネスレベル
就業時間 月~金 9:00am to 6:00pm
給与: $60k-$70k (DOE)

Account Payable
• Maintains the invoices and statements from all the vendors; files and organizes the documents.
• Reviews and verifies all the invoices and statements; contacts the related sections, vendors, and hotels immediately to resolve the discrepancy when questionable charges appear on the statements.

• Processes payments for the vendors, other branches, credit cards, wholesale costs and ARC in a timely manner.

• Directs all deposits and payments, issues the checks for payments/refunds.
• Processes expenses for business trips and employee discounts.
• Researches for unpaid invoices.
• Performs the journal entries of costs and expenses into the system.
• Monitors and closes the petty cash on monthly basis.

Account Receivable
• Posts daily cash receipts and deposits from various sales, commissions into appropriate ledgers.
• Posts a receipt of payment on each customer’s account; keeps track of collection status for each customer and follows-up on any delinquent accounts.

• Makes deposits and performs the data entry in to the system; enters the sales and deports data into GP, etc.

• Issues invoices and receipts as necessary; invoices vendors, invoices HQ in Japan for the Hotel Reservations department and Tour Operation department, manages invoices for group companies.

• Manages commissions for employees.
• Generates accounts receivable report and daily cash sales report.
• Prepares for bank deposits and record the transactions.
• Creates reports for unpaid deposits, discrepancies, losses and balances for accounts receivable.

• Processes various expenses such as general payments, Master Card, etc.
• Creates and maintains financial documents.
• Manages funds and resources.
• Maintains and processes tasks on line (Authorize Net, AMEX, Banks, etc.)
• Operates the accounting related software (HOPS, Challenge, Apollo, GlobalWare, IAR, ARC, GP, etc.)

Supervisor Duty
• Performs duties to develop efficient work environment by taking care of employee needs and handling administrative paperwork.
• Maintains excellent communication with other related divisions to ensure smooth workflow within the assigned division.
• Trains staff members in accordance with the company regulations and policies; explains the policies and duties accurately with the human resources department.
• Supports staff members by addressing and resolving wide varieties of concerns and complains which are related to job duties, performance standards, working environments, relations with coworkers, supervisors and managers.
• Supports management in the hiring process by reviewing resumes, interviewing with the candidates.
• Achieves organization goals by managing new and different requests.
• Explores opportunities to add value to the job accomplishments.