Quality Assurance - Farmington Hills, MI
Location:Farmington Hills, MI
Visa Sponsor:No
Language:English: Business Level, Japanese: Business Level
Title: Quality Assurance
Industry: Teir 2 Supplier
Location: Farmington Hills, IN
Salary: $70k-$80k
Start: negotiable

As a Quality Assurance Specialist at [Insert Company Name], you will play a critical role in maintaining and improving our product quality standards. You will be responsible for conducting inspections, implementing quality control measures, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to address quality-related issues. The ideal candidate has a strong background in automotive quality assurance, is familiar with industry standards, and is committed to delivering defect-free products to our customers.

Maintain accurate records of inspections, test results, and non-conformance reports. Create and update documentation related to quality assurance procedures.

Quality Control:
Monitor and enforce quality control processes throughout the production process to identify and rectify deviations from quality standards.

Root Cause Analysis:
Investigate and analyze the root causes of quality issues, working closely with production and engineering teams to implement corrective actions.

Supplier Relations:
Collaborate with suppliers to ensure the quality of incoming materials and components, and participate in supplier quality audits as necessary.

Continuous Improvement:
Identify areas for process improvement, efficiency gains, and cost reduction while maintaining or improving product quality.

Regulatory Compliance:
Ensure compliance with automotive industry standards and regulations, such as ISO/TS 16949 and customer-specific quality requirements.

-Japanese skills
-More than 3 years of related experience