Senior Internal Auditor
Location:Novi, MI
Visa Sponsor:No
Language:English: Business Level, Japanese: Business Level
Job Title: Senior Internal Auditor
(Department: Internal Audit@ Novi, MI office)

Reports To: Senior Manager, Internal Audit

FLSA Status: Exempt Hour: 8 hours + 1 hour lunch unpaid (8am-5pm ET)

Job Summary: Internal Audit Department at the company main mission is
1) conducting and supporting Internal Audit for the group companies in North America region,
2) Supporting implementation of Internal Control system in the region, and
3) consolidating and reporting the Internal Audit results to the Headquarter in Japan.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Performing internal audit under the direction of a senior manager. Include following process.
-Coordinate with audited company’s management teams and supporting audit firms
-Gather documentation for preparation of the audit.
-Perform the fieldwork review the documents, on-site inspection and have an interview
-Ensure the organization complies with all relevant regulations, laws, and standards
-Develop recommendations for changes to processes and systems that will minimize risk and improve
performance and productivity
-Recommend improvements in policies, procedures, and controls
-Preparation of audit reports
2. Follow up the results of internal audit with following process
-Monitor the status of corrective action plans to ensure that management has implemented an
appropriate remediation within the established time frame
-Check the operations after remediation and confirm that there are appropriate effective controls on the business flow
3. Support and advice for affiliates audit member
Include advising and consulting for the operations and evaluations of the Internal Control of the
subsidiaries focused by J-Sox.

Education and/or Experience:
Minimum: Bachelor’s degree (in accounting, finance or related field preferred), or 5+ year
appropriate business experience in Internal Audit
Job Experiences in Japanese company preferred

CIA or CPA License required
Other audit-related certification preferred (CISA, etc.)

Capability to protect confidentiality
Working Conditions: Office based settings, 50% travel expected, some international