General Manager - NY
Location:Midtown, NY
Visa Sponsor:No
Language:English: Business Level, Japanese: Native Level
A Japanese Trading Company is seeking a General Manager.

Position: General Manager

【Job Description】
• Responsible for managing and supervising all the Company’s full-time and part-time employees.
• Review the financial documents of the Company including incomes, expenses, and budgets.
• Prepare financial statements, business activity reports, and forecasts.
• Supervise an Accounting Specialist who does day-to-day the Company’s accounting matters.
• Review the Company’s financial reports and seek ways to reduce costs.
• Responsible for Purchasing Orders (PO)/inquiries from the Company’s clients/customers and issuing invoices to them, and drawing PO to U.S. manufacturers/suppliers.
• Acquire Quotations from U.S. manufacturers/suppliers.
• Obtain Export License (E/L) for the products.
• Interact with U.S. manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors.
• Tri states and some nationwide travel to meet with U.S. manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors when it is necessary; however, for at least one year, visit those companies with the Director and/or the General Manager (“GM”) (not visit them alone for one year).
• Negotiate price and terms of purchase with U.S. manufacturers/suppliers.
• Negotiate agencies and distribution agreements with U.S. manufacturers/ suppliers.
• Responsible for quality controls – inspection-of products to be shipped to Japan.
• Interact extensively and daily with the Company’s clients/customers in Japan.
• Some travel to Japan to visit the Company’s clients/customers when it is necessary.
• Interact with the Company’s clients/customers when they visit the United States on business when it is necessary.
• If any necessary actions have to be taken including business, legal and financial decisions, contact the Director and ask his opinion.
• Responsible for other duties if necessary as General Manager.

• 日本語必須
• Tradingカンパニーでの経験
• Export license とかCOD(Cash on delivery)とか単語になじみがある人