NY Research Assistant (Temp to hire)
Location:Midtown, NY
Salary:$35/hr (Temp), $70K (Full-time)
Visa Sponsor:No
Language:English: Business Level, Japanese: Native Level
Japanese financial company seeks a Research Assistant.
***This is a temp to hire position.

Terms and Conditions:
・No licenses and educations are required.
・High speed and safe internet connection and PC suitable for business are indispensable to work from home.
・Needs to come to Manhattan office at least three days a week after September 13.
・Well-acquainted with English and Japanese financial technical terms.
・Desirable to familiar with technical terms of IT software, IT hardware, semiconductors, internet, media, capital goods, auto mobiles, and transportations.
・Annual salary of $70,000, plus bonus, and overtime pay. If possible, we would like to hire as a part-time for the first 3 months with $35/hour.

Job Descriptions:
・Translating all the English “Reports” written by analysts. Search and select appropriate terms in past reports and internet. Not only translating, but also creating Word, Excel and PDF files by using specific templates and adding appropriate disclaimer.
・Communicating with analysts, assistants, editors, and SAs (Supervisory Analysts), making corrections, and taking responsibility for finishing the report.
・Principally, only the cover page of all the “Reports” is expected to be translated, but Research Head may ask translating all the pages of a “Report” or ask translating “Memos,” depend on demands from sales and investors. Basically, we have two types of products, “Report” and “Memo.”
・Avoid taking vacations during the earnings season. Mid and late March, June, September, December, and early January, April, July, October are not so busy. Adjusting as much as possible so that the report issuance and vacation schedule do not overlap.
・Outsourcing to a contracted translator in case you are too busy to translate all the “Reports.” Also processing the invoices from the contractor, and collecting necessary Compliance documents from the contractor quarterly.