Makiko Takeda
Human Resources Consultant.
Has experiences in recruiting, hiring and educating employees as Human Resources generalist.
Provides quality service for highest satisfaction of each and every client and job seeker.
Obtained B.A. in Psychology with focus on Industrial/ Organizational Psychology.

Marina Kamta
Possesses the following fields of experience in Logistics, Entry-Level, Customer Service, Administrative recruitment positions and placement. Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies.
As a Sales and Public Relations Specialist in Japanese media; has experience in creating successful and attractive advertising campaigns that targeted local Japanese in the Midwest area. Offers the services that is the best match for all by applying this experience and methods of identifying the needs of the client and the market.

Maho Inaba
Has over 10 years of experience in progressive HR service delivery, sales and international experience specializing in Japanese companies. Providing high quality recruiting and placement service within the areas of engineering, human resource management, especially client relationship management from personal experiences. Has proven track record of success in satisfying hiring companies’ needs in other areas as well in Chicago area since opening of Actus Chicago Office.

Takanori Hayashi
Has experiences in recruiting, hiring and educating employees in the US.
Share the detail information such as atmosphere at client office with job seeker.
Consider the detail of requests from both side client and job seeker for their best matching.
Chikako Yamaki
Obtained a MBA degree with marketing concentration from Suffolk Sawyer Business School.
Delivers high quality service by approaching job seekers as a marketing specialist to support each client as well as job seekers.
Plans and manages marketing activities for job seekers to support their job search.
Nina Koch
Obtained a Bachelor degree in Education from Mukogawa Women's University in Japan.
Facilitate interactions between hiring companies and candidates and find a good fit by valuing communication and compatibility.
Focus on recruiting both global and local (Midwestern, Sounthern regions of America) candidates.