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5月10日(木)Epstein Becker & Green, Actus Consulting Group, Inc.共催人事セミナー開催
当セミナーでは、全米にネットワークを持つ大手法律事務所Epstein Becker & GreenのPartner, Susan Gross Sholinsky氏に講師を勤めて頂き、#MeTooムーブメントなど含む最新の米国労務、雇用法についてお話をして頂きます。英語でのプレゼンテーションですが、随時、幣社人事ディレクターの大矢が日本語でご説明しますので、ローカルの人事のご担当者様とご参加ください。

【日時】2018年5月10日 (木) 9:30am ~12:00pm
    (9:00am より受付開始)
【会場】TKP New York Conference Center
    109 W 39th Street (Between 6th and 7th Avenue)
    New York, NY 10018 
【主催】Epstein Becker & Green / Actus Consulting Group, Inc.

お申込みは菱沼 (thishinuma@actus-usa.com)までお名前、会社名、お役職名をご連絡ください。

An Overview of U.S. Employment Law
Including Managing in the #MeToo Era and Understanding the Leave of Absence and Reasonable Accommodation Process

At this seminar, Susan Gross Sholinsky, a partner in the national law firm of Epstein Becker & Green, will provide guidance in English, and Madoka Oya, a HR Director of Actus Consulting Group, Inc. will advise in Japanese. They will provide an overview of U.S. Employment Law, focusing on both the everyday basics employers need to know and some of the thornier issues confronting HR professionals in 2018.

The topics to be covered include:
I. The Fundamentals of U.S. Employment Law
• Understanding your obligations – and employees’ rights – under federal anti-discrimination laws
o From hiring and promotion to discipline and termination, how these laws impact the decision-making process
o Avoiding the legal pitfalls, including improper pre-employment inquiries and pay equity issues
o The growing momentum at the state and local level to expand the reach of anti-discrimination law
• Wage and Hour Law: The essentials on the law that regulates how – and, to some extent, how much – employees are paid, including:
o Minimum wage and overtime pay rules
o Exempt vs. non-exempt status and avoiding misclassification of employees
• Employees’ rights at the workplace under the National Labor Relations Act
o What is and is not “concerted activity”
II. “Leave” Laws and Reasonable Accommodation
• The ABC’s of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act
• What you need to know about state and local leave and sick time laws
• The “reasonable accommodation” mandate: Religious beliefs, pregnancy, nursing mothers, victims of domestic violence and employee requests for schedule changes
III. Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Era of #MeToo and #TimesUp
• What is unlawful sexual harassment in the workplace?
o “Quid pro quo” harassment
o Hostile Environment
• Best practices to prevent workplace harassment
o Developing anti-harassment policies that fit your workplace: Why they matter
o The essential components of an effective anti-harassment training program
o The do’s and don’ts of investigating a sexual harassment complaint
o Ensuring proper follow-up and appropriate accountability